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can you gif the part where dave says something like "the d is silent" or something haha sorry i'm pretty sure he says that at some point?

Yeah he said it in the Tinder video with Conan and it’s my favorite part of the video so will definitely gif haha

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hey :) Could you make a gif of Dave from Neighbours where he whispers "this is your destiny ass-juice"? I love that part.

I’ll have to wait till Neigbors leak or something but I’ll put it on the list to make

Dave making up his name for Tinder (requested by anonymous)

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Do you think you could gif the part of the Conan segment where Dave comes up with Djengus Roundstone? That was my favorite part!

Yeah no problem

Dave on Tinder (x)

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Aawww what was your favorite part of the video...Dave was the upmost cutest and I just love him and ihejrbdjwnzjsh!!!

He was laughing and smiling so much in this video I LOVE IT!!

But if I had to pick just one scene, probably the one when they were at the house towards the end and they were talking about his name Djengus Roundstone and how the “D” is silent lol

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Thank you!

No problem :))