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I love Dave Franco & your blog so much <3 PS. What's your favourite Dave Franco movie ?

Hey anon! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving that message, you’re so nice! :) We agree, it’s impossible to not love Dave Franco!

As for my favorite Dave movie, I would have to say 21 Jump Street! Even with its comedy genre, it’s definitely one of my favorite movies ever because of its hilarity and the fact that I’ve had many memories watching it with my best friend. And most of the funniest lines in that movie come from Dave’s character too!! What about you, what’s your favorite Dave movie? Comment on this ask so we can see!


“One time I was hanging out with a girl and I wanted to kiss her. I was too nervous to do it, so I wrote ‘Can I kiss you?’ on a Post-It and handed it to her. And it worked!”

Franco’s “Blood Meridian” Test Reel Online

In honor of Child of God’srelease on August 1, I’m posting a 25-minute test I did for the film version of Blood Meridian. Blood Meridian, by Cormac McCarthy, is my favorite novel. It marks the midpoint of McCarthy’s career, between the Southern Gothic stories of his Tennessee days (he grew up in Tennessee and went to high school with painter Josh Smith) and his later border-based stories (The Border TrilogyNo Country for Old Men, The Road) after he moved to Texas and then to New Mexico.

In some ways Blood seems un-filmable. It is almost Biblical in its prose. His terse prose utilizes vocabulary only found in the crannies of annals of the Old West and the specialized spheres of working men. He captures the slang of forgotten peoples so deftly, it’s as if they were his barroom friends.

I made my test for Blood Meridian three or four years ago. It stars Scott Glenn, Luke Perry, Mark Pellegrino (Lost), and my brother, Dave. We shot it in three days in some place near Yosemite that is the mule capital of the world. If you know the book, you’ll recognize that this is the sequence where Tobin recounts how the Glanton gang met the Judge, a Satan-like character and Glanton’s right-hand man. The gang was out of gunpowder and about to be caught by Apache warriors, whereupon they would be killed for lack of working weaponry. Enjoy.

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can you gif the part where dave says something like "the d is silent" or something haha sorry i'm pretty sure he says that at some point?

Yeah he said it in the Tinder video with Conan and it’s my favorite part of the video so will definitely gif haha

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hey :) Could you make a gif of Dave from Neighbours where he whispers "this is your destiny ass-juice"? I love that part.

I’ll have to wait till Neigbors leak or something but I’ll put it on the list to make

Dave making up his name for Tinder (requested by anonymous)

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Do you think you could gif the part of the Conan segment where Dave comes up with Djengus Roundstone? That was my favorite part!

Yeah no problem